About us

Synertech Engineering was founded in 2002. Our main activities: consulting services in the field of treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater, process and drinking water.

In 2003, Synertech signed a long-term consulting contract with the French company Veolia Water solutions & Technologies, and in 2007, Veolia bought 75% of Synertech Engineering, and changed its name to Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Ltd.

In 2009, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies purchased the remaining shares of Synertech Engineering and became the 100% owner of the company.

In July 2013, Nenad Obradovic, owner of the former Synertech Engineering, and director of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Ltd., reopened the business to the Serbian market, calling the new company Synertech Ltd., whose core business is the collection, purification and distribution of water.

Water is the basis of life and the essential ingredient for all living beings. Although the need for water is constantly increasing, the water is as well be polluted, as the biggest polluters of surface and groundwater are oil and petroleum products, HI, industrial waste water, urban waste water from sewage and landfill waste.

Synertechs' task, together with its partners, is to find the right solutions for water treatment, and provide superior service to their clients, and to offer the latest technological solutions.